SM Aura Premire the newest mall in Global City Taguig Luxury Shopping and Fun on its finest.Rising now. Opening soon

      Back in 2011, I was browsing the internet for some upcoming establishment/buildings in Manila,Philippines. The word AURA caught my attention.. It sounded classy and unique and to my surprise it was one of the projects of SM Corporation, one of the most successful developer and owner of a lot of malls around the country. The excitement grew deeper when I found out that it will be built near my place. Additional color to the uprising Global City. I went to the location the following day and it was just a plain vacant lot.but…


       After two years. It is on the rise now 🙂 and almost done…As far as I remember it will be called SM Aura.. a high end mall that will cater for the people in Global City and Makati City. It is located near C5 road. In front of Ayala’s Market Market which I think will be a strong competitor in the near future.       


        I have found some pictures via flicker and wikipedia sites. And I want to share the proposed view and structure of the posh mall soon to be opened in Global City. I cant help but to get more excited about the project. This is something new again. New place to hang out and a newer scenery in my location.     


        The excitement grew bigger when I found out that the project will have a convention center and an IMAX theater as well. Another first in global city and I am really looking forward for the featuresand stores of the upcoming posh mall.   
  Im looking forward for the restaurants and clothing lines that will be opened here. This is just a simple excitement that I am really looking forward to have and feel. The structure, the look and everything on it gives me a positive aura. I guess that is why it will be name that way…


Because This is all about LUXURY,SHOPPING AND FUN created and molded as SM AuRA. Global City’s finest.. they got it all for you soon 🙂



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